Information for Egg Recipients & Intended Parents

An egg recipient is a patient who is looking to achieve pregnancy using another woman’s eggs, either due to advanced maternal age or because they have exhausted their own ovarian reserve. We here at DVIF&G know that finding the right egg donor can be a complicated process, and we aim to provide you with pre-screened and prequalified donors, while offering support and personal care throughout.

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With a combined 30 years of experience, we provide personalized matching services to help you find the right donor for you. All of our donors are local to our facility, so there will be no increased travel or lodging costs.

If you choose to use a known or agency (outside) donor, we still employ the same rigorous screening process that we expect of our own donors, ensuring that you are getting the same quality of care. We also offer psychological and legal support services to accommodate all of your needs.

Once you are matched, your donor coordinator will take care of all screening and scheduling requirements, and ultimately schedule your cycle. We are proud to offer an 80% success rate for patients who use using donor eggs.

Same sex couples and heterosexual couples who need to use an egg donor and gestational carrier face additional factors when trying to create their family. Our third party staff has particular experience in this area, and has been involved in numerous cases. The additional medical and legal requirements make having an experienced team invaluable. We will help to screen and educate your chosen carrier to ensure that you all move forward toward pregnancy through the healthiest means possible, while offering the highest level of care.

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